Tune-In Restorative Yoga with Live Music by Jessie Jeanne

Tune-In Restorative Yoga with Live Music by Jessie Jeanne
Friday June 10th
7:30-8:45 PM
Live music can take the soul to transcendental places, especially when paired with intentional and restorative yoga.  Join Danielle Hachey & Jessie Jeanne for a truly unique experience of tuning in deeply to the nuances of your body, breath & spirit while being transported through time along the waves of live music.  This Restorative Yoga practice will offer long-held postures where you will be completely supported by props as comfort and relaxation are priority to let your body, mind and heart fully unwind and tune-in!

Limited space so please register to hold your spot here!
$28 includ. tax
Madhu Wellness Collective
2070 Washington Street, Rossland
Town: Trail, BC