2 hr Yin Yoga & Massage Event

May 27 7:00 to 9:00 pm

To honor the transition into spring (liver) we will explore postures that are intended to support your body through this shift in season, while offering healing touch through massage. The season of Spring is associated with Wood Element and the organs of the Liver (Yin) + Gallbladder (Yang), making it the perfect time to detoxify your system and release anything no longer serving you. The Spring is a great time to expand your compassion for meeting yourself where you are at, and increase your clarity moving forward. This dreamy workshop will dive into the organs, element and spirit associated with the Spring season to empower you towards deep healing, transformation and self understanding - a great way to unwind, nourish and inspire you as we settle into warmer weather. Location: Nadi Tree Studio Investment $45 pp Reserve your spot :
Town: Trail, BC
Venue: The Nadi Tree
Address: 419 Rossland Ave, Trail, BC V1R 3N1