NOTICE OF SOUND: Wood Carving Symposium June 23-26

Dear Neighbours and Friends,


The Rossland Council for Arts and Culture is hosting a Wood Carving Symposium June 23 to 26. From 9am to 4:30pm these four days, three carvers will each be creating a new sculpture for Centennial Trail. The area designated for this event is the parking lot next to the Rossland Fine Wine and Spirits store. This is a live sculpting event and chainsaws and power tools will be used. We hope the noise will not be disruptive, however we did want to provide notice. If it is an issue it would be advisable to wear some ear plugs to diminish the sound effects. We would be happy to provide some if you so wish.

This project seeks to connect recreation, art, nature, and culture by showing the development of a sculpture from concept to completion and then displaying the completed sculptures in a natural, non-traditional, and unexpected environment.

The RCAC’s mission is to make Rossland as well known for its art as for its recreation. With this project, our intention is to not only highlight arts and culture in our community but to contribute to our community’s social and economic vibrancy. We hope that by hosting the Wood Carving Symposium in downtown Rossland, not only are we bringing the opportunity for the community to see a sculpture come to life firsthand but to also draw people into surrounding businesses. 

We hope to see you pop by the symposium!

If you have any questions please contact Meghan at


RCAC Public Art Committee

Dear Rossland Council Arts and Culture People:

We were advised via a paper flyer of this event a few minutes ago (5:30pm 22JUN2022) of your wood carving event that iscscheduled to start tomorrow.   We are totally opposed to the idea as the noise it creates is truly oppressive  as demonstrated at a similar event at the same location last.  We like to think we are tolerant people but It is unreasonably to think that the homes in the area should accept the noise created by 3 chainsaws running from 9-4:30 for 4 days in a row. The solution to the noise as suggested by the news flyer of wearing earplugs is laughable if it was so disturbing.

Why does this event have to be held on a downtown street?  For the sake of our well being please consider moving

it to an outlying area (perhaps Centennial Trail where the carvings end up) as it would be away from residents and thus a more suitable location. 

Craig (and Patti) Grimsrud

1808A Columbia Ave

250 231 5246