Outdoor Fitness- Tuesdays and Thursdays

Fitness class happening Tuesdays (from 5-6 pm) and Thursdays (from 7-8 pm) with Jenna Lamont meeting at Nickleplate Park (or the arena lounge if it is pouring rain)

This class is designed for individuals of all levels of fitness who enjoy being challenged in a dynamic, fun and motivating atmosphere.

These classes include HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), the High Intensity part is at your highest intensity level whether beginner or advanced, along with a variety of different training styles such as AMRAPs, Tabata, Strength train and a few more creative cardio burning styles that will make you sweat, smile and enjoy your work out!

Step outside to get fit and enjoy a great experience with an enthusiastic leader in these positive, encouraging group fitness classes.

You'll always be given options to modify or level up, and be encouraged to work at your own level (whilst getting better every week).

Register at for 

a) a drop in class (under drop in community programs)

b) the whole series (under adult fitness programs)

Questions? Email me at recreation@rossland dot  ca



drop in fitness tonight at nickleplate! $10.00